Club Venue Artists Announced

We just signed 87 bands for our club venues (see below).

We also added 10 Club Venue locations all over the Brady Arts District for the 2015 festival weekend:

  • What’s Happening Tulsa Stage at Sound Pony
  • The Yeti
  • Caz’s Restaurant
  • The Hunt Club
  • Tulsa World Stage at Vanguard
  • Club Majestic
  • Mason’s
  • Inner Circle Vodka Bar
  • JTR Group Stage at Saturn Room
  • Ross Group Stage at Bar 46

“What sets the Center of the Universe Festival apart is the wide variety of music and arts we are able to bring together during a two-day event,” said Assistant Executive Director, Kim Hann. “In addition to the variety you see on our Main Stage and other stages, the Club Venue artists allow us to expand the genres of music offered. This format also allows us to provide a platform for these very deserving and talented up-and-coming bands.”

Many of these emerging artists, 32 to be exact, arrive from as far away as New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado and California. But most are coming from Oklahoma, USA. With this many bands, if you cannot find music that you like you should consult a medical professional immediately because you are probably dead inside. If you want to know more, follow this link for the entire list of bands, times and the venues they are playing

2015 Lineup