Thanks for making the 2015 Center of the Universe Festival so great!

Wow. We are just waking up after an amazing weekend of music here at the Center of the Universe Festival. The Red Bull after party went laaaate. We have no idea what time it is.

We need multiple cheeseburgers. With bacon. Stat.

We don’t know where to begin.

The crowds were amazing. Thank you to everyone who attended. We got so many people telling us how much fun they had. We got so many bands telling us how much they love playing here because of you guys and gals. Tulsa music fans rule. Seriously. Some of the bands who had never been to Tulsa before said they will be coming back soon to play for you guys because it was one of the best gigs they had ever had. They loved you as much as you loved them!

Speaking of, those bands were redonkulous. From our headliners to the club venue bands, they brought the house down. And while we were watching one there were three or seven others we wanted to see. We need a machine where we can be in multiple places at once. C’mon science people, do it! There were so many different kinds of music. So many different kinds of bands. It was amazing to walk from one venue to one next door and have the scene change completely.

The club venues and other Brady Arts District businesses and residents were great! We can’t thank them enough for letting us unleash our chaos all over them. They were so coool (the extra “o” is for being extra cool) with whatever we threw at them. The main stages went off without a hitch. Those crews did a great job.

The vendors were great. Thank you to all those vendors who put their faith in us! Without our sponsors it NEVER would have happened. They have helped us create a festival we can all be proud of right in the middle of Tulsa. They started as business partners and have become our friends.

Our volunteers braved two straight days of some scorching heat and 16+ hour days. Those guys and gals were priceless. We want to hug each and every one of them – but only after they take a shower. If they smell as bad as we do, they might need to take two.

We are grateful for everyone’s help in putting the Center of the Universe Festival on this weekend. We cannot begin to describe how many smiles we saw and laughter we heard. It speaks to us, as lovers of music and mischief, that it went off so well. We wish we could capture that festival feeling in a bottle. It would solve a lot of the world’s problems. But until they do, we just have to keep planning more. Thank you, again, for everyone’s help. Now, where is my car and where is the closest cheeseburger stand. Ugh. Great festing everyone!