Tulsa World Artists Announced

Organizers for Center of the Universe Festival announce artists for the Tulsa World Stage with an Oklahoma-based lineup. The Center of the Universe Festival takes place in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District Friday July 25 and Saturday July 26, 2014.

Friday night, booming vocalist Fiawna Forte kicks things off, followed by The Moai Broadcast, then Taddy Porter, with Nuns closing the night out. Saturday night gets going with Dante & the Hawks, followed by Matt Stansberry & the Romance, then Horse Thief, and the soulful Paul Benjaman Band wrapping it up.

“We’re so excited to showcase Oklahoma talent on their own outdoor stage this year,” said co-founder Phil Kaiser. “These bands are very representative of the sound coming from our state and they are going to rock Center of the Universe Festival.”

Still to be announced are numerous bands for the Club Venues, many of which also will be local and regional acts.

The number of live bands playing the festival will increase to more than 100, compared to 71 in 2013. Beyond live music, Center of the Universe features a street market with a variety of vendors. Festival attendees can view and purchase pieces from local artists and sample cuisine from Tulsa’s best food trucks.

Gates open at 5 p.m. and the club venues start at 5:30 p.m., followed by the Tulsa World stage at 6 p.m., the Guthrie Green Stage at 6:30 p.m. and the Main Stage acts beginning at 7 p.m. The Main Stage After Party, presented by Subkulture, is on the Main Stage from 11:40 p.m. to 1:30 a.m both Saturday and Sunday. 

About the Tulsa World Stage artists:

Fiawna Forte, Friday Tulsa World Stage

Fiawna Forte is widely known for her furious voice and roaring stage presence. Her unique indie-rock flavor seeps out in her brand new album mi-MOH-suh-pud-EE-kuh.

The Moai Broadcast, Friday Tulsa World Stage

Forming late in 2008, The Moai Broadcast has steadily grown a grassroots following and has created a sound as unique as its name. Their latest self-titled album unionizes organic and synthetic instrumentation with soulful lyrics with tracks like “Pattern 35” and “Contextual Relief.

Taddy Porter, Friday Tulsa World Stage

The Stillwater, Oklahoma rock outfit Taddy Porter mixes southern blues and Motown soul. They connected to their roots physically, sonically, and spiritually on their second full-length album, Stay Golden.

Nuns, Friday Tulsa World Stage

Nuns is the indie-rock solo project of multi-instrumentalist Hank Hanewinkel III. Nuns is touring its latest album, Opportunities, as a full, five-piece band.

Dante & the Hawks, Saturday Tulsa World Stage

Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dante & the Hawks is an indie rock band that has been performing shows since 2008. Their latest studio album Into the Wild feels like summertime with songs like “Born” and “Into the Wild.”

Matt Stansberry & the Romance, Saturday Tulsa World Stage

Matt Stansberry & the Romance have a feel-good sound that flows through in their debut album Let’s Brighten It Up. With a ten-piece roster, they are set to release their next album Crash Landing June 12.

Horse Thief, Saturday Tulsa World Stage

Recent graduates of the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma, the members of Horse Thief have steadily gained a grassroots following. Their new album Fear in Bliss is infused with the sense of grit and wonderment with edgier emotions.

Paul Benjaman Band, Saturday Tulsa World Stage

Building on the styles of J.J. Cale and Leon Russell, the Paul Benjaman Band is so Tulsa with Benjaman’s soulful guitar licks being the driving force. Their latest album Something includes groovin’ blues-rock tracks like “Western Trailways” and “Grandad.”